TBF : Solitude Revisted by Manaswita Ghosh; Courtesy : Arudhaa Club

Hey guys! Today on The Book Files the book up for review is Solitude Revisted by Manaswita Ghosh. I was sent the book by Arudhaa Club in exchange of an honest review. This book is a collection of 10 short stories dealing with the introspection of one's thoughts, regrets and desires with themselves. Not all [...]


Book Feature : The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter by Shilpa Raj 

Hello, people! In my last blog post, I introduced you to a writer who despite all odds has finally created a niche for herself in this world. Yes, I'm talking about Shilpa Raj, the author of the soon to be released book, The Elephant Chaser's Daughter. This book is a memoir of a woman who [...]

Author in Focus : Shilpa Raj : The Girl who embraced her roots to find her wings

While creative writing is an open field that gives a platform for writers from all walks of life to showcase their talents and hidden stories, the author in focus today is special. Shilpa has chosen to write her memoir at a young age when others would have played it safe with romance novels. She has [...]

TBF : The Book Files : Demons In My Mind by Aashish Gupta from Notion Press 

Here on TBF today, we have Demons In My Mind by Aashish Gupta from Notion Press.  When an old man finally reaches the last few miles of his journey in this world, he demands to be taken to The 3 Wise Monks. In the search to look for answers and somehow also more years to [...]

TBF : The Book Files : The Haunted Dolls’ House and Other Stories by M. R. James; Speaking Tiger Books

Hello people! Today up for review under The Book Files is The Haunted Dolls' House and other short stories by M. R.  James from Speaking Tiger Books.  I'm a ghost story and thriller fanatic and the first time I ever encountered James's stories was by chance in London when I saw a huge volume of [...]

TBF : The Book Files : Pishacha by Neil D’Silva 

Hello people!  Today on The Book Files we have the much awaited novel, Pishacha by Neil D'Silva. This horror novel that was sent over by Kavita Singh and since I had previously received Maya's New Husband in my January Kkbookbox, I couldn't wait to read this one too! Pishacha is the story of a flesh eating [...]

TBF : The Book Files : Another Tale Of Two Cities by Ezuth Aani from Inspire India Publishers 

The second book up for review today is Another Tale of Two Cities by Ezuth Aani from Inspire India Publishers again. The story is set in a historical time period and it covers almost every imaginable aspect it can : politics, romance, war, betrayal and so on. The two kingdoms are at war and there [...]