Tuesday 🚄Train of Thoughts 💭: To 🔱Bahrain:🏡 A Home, Always.

Hey guys! Things have changed. And how❗. As I😥 ran around in the morning, hurrying to complete my morning chores, I stopped and grinned at a familiar sight : Kids with😳 sullen faces as they trudged to school, half carrying and half dragging their backpacks behind them. Today, their sulky look was softened by the grace [...]


TBF : The Book Files : The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory 

Hello everyone!😀😊😇 I am back after a long albeit deserved break! After a poetic spree full of heartache, nostalgia and patriotism, let's go back to the reason this is called a BOOK BLOG!😑 It's Monday which means TBF (The Book Files)📘 time! The book I shall be reviewing today is : The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. [...]

Tuesday 🚅Train of Thoughts : A Century💯 Benchmark and 🎀Surprise Prize!🎀

Hello everyone!😀 I am back again with another segment of Tuesday Train of Thoughts. Today's blog is a special one,because, A. I crossed a 100 visitors on my blog and more than a 150 views (Yayy!🎉) and B. I just received a surprise gift from Bookchor for participating in their recent Blog Giveaway.(Wheeheee!🎊🎉🎊😍) Now this [...]