Editing Services and Creative Consultancy

I’ve been asked time and again about my freelance editing services and I realised that I had the best platform to get this information stated and shared. 

Since I’m just starting off and this is a part-time, freelance work, I have restricted myself to only 2 to 3 projects a month, depending upon the time and creativity investment. Please note the services I offer below:

  1. Copy Editing : This is simple grammatical editing without any creative additions from my side. It includes corrections in grammar, punctuations and sentence structures. 
  2. Substantive Editing : It includes line to line editing with modifications, remoulding the sentences, grammatical corrections, creative inputs, additions and deletions.
  3. Translations : This includes translations from Hindi and Punjabi to English. It would obviously include Substantive editing.
  4. Creative Consultancy : Sometimes an author just wants a creative input and wants to know what the script is lacking and how it can be made better. This includes the study of the script and a detailed report about the findings alongwith annotations on the script for details.

All the above services include proofreading and re-edits and the mode of charges are on per word basis. If incase you want only proofreading, you can contact me for it as well. 

I currently do not offer any content creation services because all the above mentioned ones are more than enough to keep me on my toes!