Exclusive Interview : Amay Saxena, Author Of The Bestselling Thriller, The Death Story; Courtesy: www.Urbookmyreview.com 

Hi guys! A couple of days ago, UrBookMyReview gave me a stunning opportunity to interview the author of the most talked about thriller in the Indian Literary Industry, The Death Story: Amay Saxena. A young, confident man, Amay Saxena chose to write a thriller as his debut work instead of the soft option of love [...]


2017: The Year of The Greats : Episode 1 : Kavita Singh from Kaffeinated Konversations 

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! This year has been full of surprises and some achievements that surprised me too. I was gifted a library for my first anniversary by my husband, finally started blogging, started a book club, received review copies and ARCs, started Bookstagramming and reached over 650 followers in a span of 3 months, [...]