Work, Workers and Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma; Courtesy : Readers Cosmos

Hello people!

Today on TBF is a non-fiction book called Work, Workers and Workplaces: using space as a starting point of innovation by Parthajeet Sarma. It explores the evolving work space as employee potential and innovation take different on different roles, courtesy of the same. 

The book revolves around the concept of merging digitalisation and work areas, which have lead to the increased lean towards freelancing, work from a remote area, part bs and extended work spaces. The fact that the world today relies majorly on its internet counterpart and digitalisation is an imperative in every field, it also helps cut down on the pressure of ‘being present’ and only utilising the office area to conduct business. It needs to be understood that the new notion of conducting business meetings and cafes, restaurants and lounges have completely shaken the age old idea of keeping the business in the building only. 

Employers and managements all over the world are recognising the changing pattern and also encouraging their employees to add a human touch to the business deals to create more impact. It has been seen that when a person is forced to work without any personal emotions attached, the work is brusque and not exactly healthy for business networking which can only expand if the people involved are ready to commit to a relationship outside of the business norms. That not only makes the relationship more withstanding of adversities but also, helps the individual get creatively involved too. Problem solving becomes easier as employees are allowed to take some time off and think about the solution as opposed to the age old idea of driving at it until they burn out.

The idea of Human Resources has augmented over time, making people understand that the real assets of the company are the people who run it. If they aren’t given their space for creative flow, the consequence of burnt out employees is inevitable. No longer dependent on the strict 9 to 5 jobs, working at their own pace has allowed youngsters to take the wheel and earn without slaving for 9 hours a day.

Job security is an ingrained idea that is driven home as soon as a kid is admitted into a school, to make him understand that the end goal of it all is to get a job where he is ‘secure’ and safe. The idea of starting a business, freelancing or working from home is still seen more as a hobby, something that is unstable and doesn’t guarantee future security. Digitalisation has completely changed the game, helping people realise their potential without having to slave away for a better future.

Sarma’s writing is simple, clear and emotive since there are tons of examples to support everything he says. It is aimed for everyone to understand and grasp, which means that it doesn’t need to be decoded like a proper management or corporate book.

Informative, clear and very, very important for the youth who needs to grow out of the idea of secure jobs which mean slavery, it is a must read for everyone, young or old. It’s a 4.5 star read, simply because it’s more of a necessity than a hobby read.

Disclaimer : I was sent this book under the Readers Cosmos Book Review Program in exchange of an honest review.

Until, next time!

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