Hungry Gods by Richa Lakhera from Rupa Publications; Courtesy : Readers Cosmos

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Today on TBF we have a book called Hungry Gods by Richa Lakhera from Rupa Publications. A psychological thriller that took the Indian reading community by storm, it is one of the most anticipated and appreciated books of the year.


A pharmaceutical company is parading banned drugs as life savers, a perverted brand ambassador is getting caught up with his own nymphomania and BDSM practices, a daughter is trying to come to terms with the disappointment that is her father and a prostitute who is shrouded in mystery. Hungry Gods creates an intricate web weaving together all the characters, through a maze of twists and turns. You will find murder, betrayal, rape, violence, death, revenge and retribution brimming in every page.

Following the story of revenge, it brings into focus a pharmaceutical company called Medici, that is trying to peddle banned drugs as life savers. To retain their hold in the market, they are also trying to make a show called Healers, that shows the life in the medical industry. The book follows a sex cult, BDSM, child abuse, rape and violence as an ongoing theme. The language can get a bit rough at times and not exactly something everyone can easily follow through.

The point of view chapter selection does offer more insight into every character but it also cuts down on storylines abruptly. The timelines often clash and at times gets a bit difficult to keep track of every character, especially if you are someone who isn’t well versed with this kind of writing,

There is a lot of gore and violence, as I mentioned and it’s evident not only through the acts of sexual tension but also through the language and use of words. However, the reason this book is what it is, is because of the same. The character of the investigating officer, Dorab Silva, the superstar turned nymphomaniac, Neville Valentine and the gold speck eyed Este are my favourite characters, simply because there was a lot more traction, depth and anguish in them. The others are well justified and written but their roles are cut short in the middle of the story and made to exit without much explanation.

The fact that this book was a thriller that kept the pace up throughout the book, without break and pause is a feat, considering the number of characters and storyline’s it had to keep a track of. Written in true Jackie Collins style, with more gore, violence and thrill, it was a short read for someone like me who cannot put down a good thriller.

Somewhere down the line, I felt it drag and get a tiny bit predictable but it quickly made up for the lack with a throw of events that justified the crescendo it was building up to.

The language and writing style were a true delight, with no errors or editing mistakes that could have marred my reading progress. Lakhera’s writing is gritty, clear and crude, something that was crucial to make the story as tough as it’s concept. Every character is built with a purpose in mind and yet, you won’t know what it is until the very end.

If you aren’t a seasoned thriller reader or lover as for that matter, it might take you a while to grasp the ending and the climax. For seasoned readers it is truly a delight which is why, it is a 4 star read for me.

Disclaimer : I was sent a review copy through the Readers Cosmos Book Review Program in exchange of an honest review.

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