A New Dawn by Kamini Kusum from Half Baked Beans; Courtesy : Arudha Book Club

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It has been a while since I last updated a blog or a review as for that matter. Today on TBF is a book called A New Dawn by Kamini Kusum from Half Baked Beans. A story about love, grit, determination and duty, it’s a tale that is written to make you fall in love.

Mugdha is the daughter of a railway officer while Sharavan is a rickshaw puller’s son. Their fate entangles when life brings them together during their childhood, paving a path to an unstable future. Although they share love, happiness and compassion, the societal status and it’s difference of the two leaves them unsure of it all. When Sharavan decides to become an army officer, the gap tries to close in but, fate has something else in store. What happens to their story? Do they end up together? Will Sharavan be able to finally bridge the gap and win his love?

Although the story promises a lot of twists and turns, it did remind me a lot of the old 80s movies where the plot line of status disparity was a common theme. The author has tried to give a contemporary twist to the story by introducing a lot of modern concepts but it does fall short of the crescendo it builds up to,

the writing style is easy and swift but not without grammatical errors and typos. It marred the story, inhibiting the progress of the plot. The characters, however, are all well defined and you do get to know them and their thinking processes pretty quickly. The twist at the end, was quite predictable. I wouldn’t say I didn’t see it coming or it was out of the blue. It had a streak of the 80s tragedy like I mentioned, which is ample clue about how it would all turn out in the end.

All in all, a good one time read if you are looking for a story that explores the disparity theme. Could have been much better if the editing had been crisper. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars, because for me, it stood in the fence I. E. It neither wowed me not did it annoy me enough to rate it any less!

Disclaimer : I was sent a review copy by Arudha Book Club in exchange of an honest review.

next time!

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