TBF : THE BOOK FILES : Manspotting : The Chronicles of Mid Life Romance by Ritu Bhatia from Speaking Tiger Books

Hello there!

Today on TBF we have a slightly humorous, abundantly bold and an unapologetically fierce book called Manspotting by Ritu Bhatia from Speaking Tiger Books.

The book is a memoir which trails the hardships of the author as she steps out of a well settled marriage to venture out to find her own two feet in the world and also see if the concept of a soul mate stands true. Though the book is funny at times and certainly makes sure that it isn’t always pulling the dark humour stunt, one can’t help but marvel at the simple yet bold steps a woman has to make as she steps out of a marriage shedding her marital status to Don a single one instead.

Since Ritu Bhatia has been working as a columnist and journalist, the writing is as impeccable as it can get. The writing style is engaging yet very abrasive to people who don’t do well with liberal beliefs. This is about a woman, bare and upfront who doesn’t shy away from what she needs and wants, no matter how much the society might flinch at the same.

Heartbreaking at times and truly shredding the veneer of what society deems acceptable for a woman, Bhatia makes sure you fave the uncomfortable truths of what a woman’s life is like as she steps out looking for love and individuality. Do not be wavered by the bright cover and sporty title for you might not be prepared for what she has to say.

The drastic changes of attitude towards a man and a woman in the same situation is what made me snap. There were times when it had to put the book down and actually talk to myself because the humorous yet blanching truth made me realise what she must have gone through. This is a book you should read and tell others to do so because it makes you confront even the faintest figments of conservation that you didn’t know you harboured.

All in all, 4.5 stars because as much courage it took to read it, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have taken for her to write and bare it all.

Disclaimer : I received a review copy of the novel from the publishers in exchange of an honest review.

Until next time!

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