TBF : THE BOOK FILES : 8 Hours by Upendra Namburi from Westland Books; Courtesy : Writersmelon


Today up on TBF is 8 hours by Upendra Namburi from Westland Books.

This is a corporate thriller which focuses on Aritrika Reddy who is battling to keep the empire her father, Madhusudan Reddy built afloat. Faced with the decision to either accept the deal with one of the arch rivals or let the bank call bankruptcy on it, Aratrika has to do whatever it takes to keep the company safe. She has mere 8 hours before it all goes down and the vultures descend.

I have read quite a few business/corporate thrillers but this was my first ever contemporary Indian One. To be honest, I did not have any previous expectations lest it ruin the experience but it was a nice surprise. The writing style is easy and fast paced although the plot does seem to drag a bit in the middle with unnecessary descriptives.

The characters are well written buy at one point they all sound the same: angry, passionate and aggressive. Aratrika’s portrayal of a daughter who shares a love and hate relationship with her father, a wife who’s husband is directly involved in the fall of the company and most importantly, a woman who wants the world to see her for her work and business acumen instead of her gender is very well written. The only other character that comes close to her is her father and the others are mere bystanders to this face off between parent and child.

It does do well by indulging emotional moments of vulnerability and love but overall, lacks to hold the attention of the reader on the thriller front. The chapters are divided via various different time points over 8 hours but doesn’t do much else for the story.

Overall, it is a good read that tries too hard to stand out but lacks behind due to points of slow pace spread out through the whole story which is why I rate it 3 stars out of 5. It is a one time, enjoyable read, recommended to Ludlum and Sheldon lovers who are looking out of Indian Corporate novels.

Disclaimer : I received a review copy of the novel from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest review.

Until next time!

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