TBF : THE BOOK FILES : Bloody Scotland; Bee Books

Hello, there! Today on The Book Files the book up for review is one that I am so excited to be sharing with you guys! It is Bloody Scotland By Lin Anderson from Bee Books that has short stories by renowned Scottish authors, set in Scotland.

12 Well known Scottish authors such as Val McDermaid, Ann Cleeves, Louise Welsh, pick up the heritage sites of the country to set stage to the most thrilling, bloody, gory and cringe – worthy tales that is sure to set you on the edge of your seats.

When I had the opportunity to study and spend time in London, the one wish was to travel to Scotland because of the beauty that it is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually fulfill that one and had add that to my bucket list of travels. This short story collection kind of made it shoot up all the way to the top of the line! Scotland is famous for its scenic beauty and expansive breathtaking landscapes but the addition of crime and thrill to use the ancient sites as a backdrop to add vignette and macabre to them was mind blowing!

From outright murder mysteries to psychological thrillers, this collection has something for ever crime/thriller fan. Short story collections are my go to reads when I do not have much time on my hands and also don’t want to engage in lengthy stories that I can their leave in the mid nor enjoy in broken segments. I think it is only fair to mention that like all story collections, some are great and a couple don’t really make it to their standard. While some were nail – bitingly thrilling, the other were a little too predictable. Also, does it sound funny that I actually read the stories in a Scottish accent because that is exactly what I did.

I can’t really say much about the language and writing style because the collection is sported by different authors, each with their own unique versatility and persona of writing. The language however overall is easy to understand.

The fact that I was able to enjoy knowing about the history of Scotland and its beautiful heritage sites along with the stories that kept me up all night is the reason I am going to rate this stellar read a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’m just taking the 0.5 off because of the couple of stories that I didn’t exactly end up liking.

Disclaimer : I received a review copy from the publishers in exchange of an honest review.

Until next time!

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