TBF : THE BOOK FILES : The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma; Courtesy : Readomania and The Book Club Tours

Hi guys. I’m so sorry for taking such a long hiatus but I just needed some time off.

Today on The Book Files we have a thriller called The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma banked on the death of a world renowned seer called Sapna who is famous for saving lives and giving people new chances by alerting the world to forseen catastrophes. When a minor earthquake leaves her dead and the police uncover that she was 2 months pregnant, her family is thrown into turmoil, wondering if they knew her real self at all. Her son, Aditya, brings together all the people in her life to create a documentary that reveals the truth of her life and death.

The book starts off with Aditya creating the documentary and hence, begins the flashback point of views of every person who had known Sapna. It slowly brings together the storyline from the time when she was just a normal college girl who gradually was blessed with the vision of a seer and how it pushed her to the pedestal that she stood up on for the rest of the world. It culminates the real and the reel Sapna, the girl who her parents saw drift away and become the woman who they no longer recognised. The pain and anguish of the characters at battling with her personality changes and of losing her is heart wrenching. The author has a flair of bring realistic and making you feel sad without overdoing it.

The writing style is easy and the slight nuances of each character are subtly introduced. I don’t think anyone of them stand out too much, just for the sake of being ‘too different to differentiate’. The plot has kept it’s value and is really a page turner. I can’t say I was too surprised by the ending because I’m a thriller buff but it is a great read for someone who is just starting with this genre.

Overall, I would give this one a 3.75 out of 5 stars. The plot line was original but it did drag in a few places and is a little predictable for any thriller buff!

Disclaimer : I was sent a review copy by The Book Club Tours for an honest and unbiased review.

Until next time!

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