Book Feature/Spotlight : Tell Tale by Jeffrey Archer; Pan Macmillan India 

Hello people!

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I am absolutely crazy about thrillers and Jeffery Archer is one of my most favourite authors of the genre. I have at least 2 short story collections by him already and today, I’m very pleased to announce that this November, after almost 10 years, he is releasing a short story collection called Tell Tale!!

Like all his other collections, this is going to be a massive treasure of wit, humour, human emotions and relationships. Of course, we are all aware of the magic that is his writing style and I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty!

Don’t forget to grab your copies this November before this gem gets sold out! 

Here’s what people have to say about his genius :

‘If there was a Nobel prize for storytelling, Archer would win’ Daily Telegraph

‘The short story has always been Jeffrey Archer’s strong suit and here he grips you quickly, puts you on the scent of a mystery, and moves you towards a charming moment of revelation’ The Scotsman

‘Stylish, witty and constantly entertaining . . . Jeffrey Archer has a natural aptitude for short stories’ The Times.

Until next time!

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