TBF : The Book Files : Pishacha by Neil D’Silva 

Hello people! 

Today on The Book Files we have the much awaited novel, Pishacha by Neil D’Silva.

This horror novel that was sent over by Kavita Singh and since I had previously received Maya’s New Husband in my January Kkbookbox, I couldn’t wait to read this one too!
Pishacha is the story of a flesh eating demon who has been dead for ages but his heart (or rather, the black stone of frozen tissue) still yearns for his beloved. When he finds out that his love has been reborn again, he travels through dimensions to be with her but he realises that the form that he is in, prevents him from achieving his lifelong dream: to be United with her. He beseeches, threatens, pleads, frightens and does everything he can, to turn back into a human. But will he be able to do what noone have ever been able to do before? Will he finally reunite with his beloved? What is the story behind his incomplete love story? 

I think I have said this earlier that I prefer the old Ramsey horror movies over the new ones simply because they worked so much on the story, the reason, the characters and the storyline that it was funny albeit scary at the same time. Pishacha reminds me of the same. It’s got ghouls, rakshasas, black magic tantrics, a deep dark secret and a back story, complete with humour, romance and thrill built in. People might find it a bit old school and more 80s inspired but I honestly loved it!

It’s been a while since a character, and a horror one at that, has been able to creep me out. I would however say that I thought Maya’s New Husband still had more charisma than Pishacha but to even see an author attempt something totally ignored and sidelined by the Indian literature industry now a days, is commendable and praise worthy. 

The twists and turns were predictable at some points (Blame the countless horror movies and books) but I absolutely loved how the end kind of brought all the loose ends together. Neil’s writing as usual is par excellence and the script looks like it has been reworked countless times to bring the flow and the story together. Since he himself was a freelance editor, he knows the do’s and don’t’s of novel writing and that clearly reflects in all his works. 

I do think that I would love to see more subconsciously-creepy stuff from him to see the sort of horror writing King, Blackwood and James are famous for. 

The book is engaging and subtly creepy. The back story kind of left me wanting to know more. Overall, a stellar 4.5 stars out of 5 for this Ramsey-Themed-Monster-Masterpiece. Loved it and can’t wait to read more from him!

Disclaimer : I received a copy of the book from Kaffeinated Konversations in exchange of an honest review. 

Until next time! 

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  1. Great review Shelly. 😀❤


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