TBF : The Book Files : UNNS : The Captivation by Sapan Saxena from Inspire India Publishers 

Hello peeps!

Today up for review under TBF is UNNS : The Captivation by Sapan Saxena from Inspire India Publishers.

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim are high school sweethearts who are the polar opposites of each other. While Atharva is stable and calm, Meher is spontaneous and impulsive. When circumstances separate them and they meet years later, sparks fly but there is something dark and hidden that can be seen in her eyes. What is Meher hiding? Will Atharva be able to fond out before its too late?

The book starts off with the love story of the two protagonists and to be honest I actually quite enjoyed the banter as opposed to simply just jumping into the thriller side of the story. The layers to the characters are built and also unraveled in the beginning and for me that was so much more informative than just knowing them in a paragraph. I got to understand the depth and details and it made the story even more worthwhile. The thriller side picks up in the second hand and from then it’s back to back action packed pages full of twists and turns. 

The writing style was easy and the narration was kept to a minimum. I did however didn’t like the grammatical glitches and the missed edits which could have made it so much better. The book did remind me a lot of Jaal : The Trap, A Sunny Deol starrer movie and the lines were quite obvious and predictable towards the end. The author could have worked on the climax a tad bit because it’s too sudden and too abrupt. There were quite a few loose ends that may have been intentional if he does plan a sequel but I’m not so sure. With no beforehand information, the cliffhanger ending didn’t sit well with me AND I NEED ANSWERS!!

Overall, a 3 star read for me. The predictability and the grammatical glitches kind of Ruined the experience of a good plot.  

Disclaimer : I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

Until next time! 


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  1. Priya says:

    I thought it was somewhat like Ek Tha Tiger 😅


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