TBF : The Book Files : Another Tale Of Two Cities by Ezuth Aani from Inspire India Publishers 

The second book up for review today is Another Tale of Two Cities by Ezuth Aani from Inspire India Publishers again.

The story is set in a historical time period and it covers almost every imaginable aspect it can : politics, romance, war, betrayal and so on. The two kingdoms are at war and there are layers of different societies that deal with this on going battle which makes up for an even more complex plot. 

Let’s get to the things I liked first : poltical thrillers and war backdrops are the easiest and the hardest settings to work with because there is a lot of character development and details that have to be worked on and put in. The author was able to do that, along with a bit of melodrama, but I liked how the theme didn’t exactly waver. The writing was easy and comprehensible. The fictional towns were given their proper due and it didn’t look over done or underdone.

The things I didn’t like : The Cover. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PUT A STICKER SMACK ON THE FRONT OF THE COVER? WHY? WHY?? Ok. Vent over. But I didn’t like the fact that the cover was too dark and dull and also had a huge sticker right in the middle of it. Plus it did nothing for the story. 

The language was quite silly at times. The first line of the first chapter mentioned a horse galloping away ‘Tadak Tadak’. I mean, what? The grammatical mistakes did my head in and I couldn’t enjoy what could have been a great story. The editing was very weak and the tenses and the sentence structure was all over the place.  The romance was like it would have been in that era but the weakest link of the story was it ability to maintain the thrill. With so many places, the story lost its charm. Had the author been able to use the places wisely, the story and the plot could have done wonders. 

Overall, with the hype that it received, I didn’t think much of it. My overall rating would be 2.5 stars out of 5. Because I’m pickey like that! *Tadak tadak* *gallops away*

I do have to say that this was my second book from Inspire India Publishers and both came with torn and cut pages. I’m not fussy like that but two books back to back were a little underwhelming. 

Disclaimer : I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. 

Until next time! 


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