E-TBF: THE Book Files : In Love And Free by Jagdish Joghee from Notion Press; Courtesy : Arudhaa Club 

Hello there! 

On TBF today, we have In Love and Free by Jagdish Joghee from Notion Press.

Shruti and Madhan are happily married and have all the luxuries of the world at their feet. Wealth, health, supporting families, booming businesses, beautiful twins and unconditional love. But when on Diwali when Shruti let’s down her guard, leaving behind the love of her husband and family for someone more enticing, she doesn’t know what she is in for. From a stunning dream to a nightmare, she realises that she is very close to losing it all. Will she be able to overcome this temptation and finally be free?
The story was quite interesting considering the fact that it had everything from a Masala bollywood movie. The characterisations were detailed and excellently woven. Ofcourse, if you have seen the Rani and Shahrukh starrer Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna you would obviously relate it to that since from a seemingly normal life erupts distance and dissatisfaction. It confused me why she would do what she did but then I realised that I could only imagine what a human mind can brew up when it is unhappy. 

The continous familial support and the love Madhan has for his wife is not over dramatic or over done. I think any good guy who loved someone too much, would do exactly what he did. 

The writing style was engaging and clean. There was no beating around the bush and it was a perfect romantic thriller with a hint of Masala if not proper melodrama. I liked how the author didn’t paint unrealistic characters or subplots and the story remained true and relatable till the end. 

In terms of an engaging read, it scored well but it was quite predictable too. When you watch a lot of Hindi movies, you often gather an inkling of what might happen next. This was a plain old thriller as opposed to a psychological thriller and would be a great read for anyone willing to ‘read’ a hindi movie. 

All in all, 3.5 out of 5 because there were grammatical glitches and the predictability kind of made the climax a little less explosive as it otherwise would have been!

Disclaimer : I received a copy of the book from Arudhaa Club in exchange for an honest review. 

Until next time! 


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