E-TBF : The Book Files : Her Last Wish by Ajay K. Pandey from Srishti Publications; Courtesy : Arudhaa Club 

Hello people!

Catching up on those book reviews and so, another one from The Book Files : Her Last Wish by Ajay K. Pandey from Srishti Publications. 

I usually stay away from tear-jerkers and from the blurb of this one, it was quite evident that this was going to be a sob fest. I had never read one by an Indian author and was quite curious to see if this was going to be different or one of those melodramatic, overdone kind of stories. 
Her Last Wish is the story of a couple who are the perfect opposites of each other. On one hand while Vijay Sharma is a self-doubting, timid man, his wife, Aastha is bold, loud and very practical. The story kicks off when Ajay receives a phone call from Aastha’s blood bank and he learns that Aastha is HIV positive. Devastated and destroyed, Her Last Wish is a story about how the couple braves the circumstances and how Vijay does his best to fulfil everyone of his wife’s wishes.

The premise sounded good and I mentally racked up the the tingling of it mirroring P. S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. I liked how the story was woven in to accommodate the rift between the outsider daughter in law and the parents. What I did not like however was the character of Vijay. He is top whiney, too insecure and too pansy. With a woman who is not only bold and beautiful but also keeping her strength in place even when she knows she is going to die, Vijay was a disappointment of a partner. The story does showcase their love, light moments, emotional turmoil, coming around and realisation but when you have a central character that infuriates you everytime he is mentioned, you know something isn’t right. 

In one particular scene, Vijay’s mother comes to the hospital to see Aastha while she is in the hospital. The scene could have been much more impactful had the sympathy and pity not taken over. There were times when some conversations went on for ages and did not really have to be there. Could have been so much better had the melodrama be toned down. The worst part was that even in the end, through all of Aastha’s efforts, Vijay still was doubtful and whiney. 

Overall, 3 stars out of 5 read for me. It had so much potential to be a 5 but the melodrama marred it.

Disclaimer : I received a copy of the Ebook from Arudhaa Club in exchange of an honest review. 

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