TBF : The Book Files : These Circuses That Sweep Through The Landscape by Tejaswini Apte-Rahm from Aleph Book Company; Courtesy : Writersmelon

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Hi guys!

It’s time again for a book review and today up for the post is Tejaswini Apte-Rahm‘s stunning debut work, These Circuses That Sweep Through The Landscape, a collection of stories published by Aleph Book Company.

I received a copy of this book through Writersmelon and it was the stunning cover and it’s equally intriguing title that caught my eye. I’m an avid lover of short stories and have a collection of at least 25 to 30 books by different authors and from different genres. From Guy Maupassant to Alfred Hitchcock, my array of short story collection is wide enough to put across the pure love I have for them.

These Circuses That Sweep Through The Landscape is a compilation of 10 beautiful stories that are spun around the realities and the illusions of human life. In every story, you meet characters that are battling their own inner demons and have somehow managed to be okay with them. From a craze driven beetle collector who’s own insecurity leads him into a quagmire of reckless thoughts and hatred to a little school girl who feels abandoned at home, her only hope being Star Trek, the emotions that the author managed to capture through her stunningly golden Web of words makes you live through those emotions yourself.

                                           Book Cover

It’s quite difficult for a person to put out such detailed and most secretive thoughts so easily and that too for not one, but for characters that come from all walks of life. I saw myself echo the sentiments of the characters as the book progressed, the vocabulary pushing me to the edge of my emotional brim. It was the words that made the story come alive, the various phrases that hit me through the tangle of emotions and thoughts. I cried unabashedly because the words forced me to live through them as opposed to just reading them.

The stories are dark, delicious, tantalizing and stunningly crafted. Tejaswini Apte-Rahm is a true story teller who can make you fall in love with the way she puts her tales across and has definitely upped the bar of word craft for not only Indian authors but also of the various writers out in the world. 

Over the last couple of days, I’ve savored the stories one by one as opposed to simply reading them in one go. I own over 800 books and I’ve read books more than a couple of times of that number but this one has shot into the top 10 books. EVER. A stellar 5 stars and if I could have, I would have rated it even more.

If you want to live a book as opposed to simply read one, buy it. Do it. Now. Go on, buy it! I promise you, you might just come back and thank me for it later!

That’s all for today folks!



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