TBF : The Book Files : The Alphabet Killer by Prachi Sharma from Half Baked Beans Publications

Please don’t kill me for the overload of book reviews. I can’t help it! The books keep glaring at me!

The book up for review is The Alphabet Killer by Prachi Sharma from Half Baked Beans Publications.

When Mia Santos, the editor in chief of an international women’s empowerment magazine starts getting threatening calls, she dismisses it as another chauvinist taking a dig but when her close friend and colleague gets raped and murdered, she realizes that the caller means to actually harm her. The dashing Detective Damien De Silva is forwarded the case and he entangles horns with Mia, suspecting that she is hiding something. However, the chemistry eventually clicks and they join hands to put an end to this murderous spree. What is Mia hiding about her past? Will Damien and Mia be able to solve the murder before he hurts any of them? And what do the letter AB mean, etched on the foreheads of the victims? 

The book is written with powerful punches and showcases a very strong female figure who is bold, intimidating and headstrong. I think it was the sheer power of her character that made the story even more intriguing. The suspense is a gradual reveal and Prachi Sharma has done a great job of piecing together the puzzle, bit by bit to keep the readers engrossed. The chemistry between Mia and Damien is another plus since he understands her stand and views and it’s apparent from their banter that he treats her as an equal as opposed to just a lover. He admires her guts and determination and it is endearing to see her let her guard down finally.

The story is full of twists and turns and almost feels like a CID episode where I sat back putting together clues from the chapters. Since I’ve read quite a lot of thrillers, I kind of understood where the plot was going and had quite a good clue of who the main perpetrator was. Don’t blame the book, blame the endless binging on CID, Bones and Castle episodes!

All in all, it was worth 4 out of 5 stars for portraying such strong characters, vocabulary and plot! 

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