TBF : The Book Files : Deceived  (e-ARC) by Heena Rathore P.; Citrus Publishers.

Hi guys!

It’s TBF again and up for review is the e-ARC of Deceived by Heena Rathore P. from Citrus Publishers. 

Allison Stone’s life suddenly is torn to pieces when her mother and little brother are brutally murdered for no reason. Baffled and confused, she grows up with inhibitions and doubts, stemming from the scarring incident. She find solace in her Dad, her best friend and roommate Sam and her lovable dog, Max. She reconnects with her cousin, Steve who was her best friend growing up but cut off all the ties when Ally’s mum and brother were murdered. Now an investigative journalist, he is determined to know the reason for the cold blooded murder and help him and Ally find closure. The questions still remain: who would murder someone with a slash through their throats for no reason? Why did a ten year old girl murder her parents in cold blood? How are the two different plots connected to each other? And why does, despite all the odds, Ally feel as if the murderous spree isn’t over?

The book starts off with the explanation of the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath which helps the reader understand the story even better. The portrayal of Ally is stunning and at times the plot reminded me quite a lot of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn but as soon as I thought I had an inkling about what the story would hold next, I was thrown into a twist. 

The author has managed to not only keep the reader guessing until the very end but it also managed to give me the creeps every now and then. The story is mingled with flashbacks and Rathore has very cleverly managed to keep the reader wondering where it all fits together. I have read quite a few crime and psychological thrillers and I think I’m qualified enough to say that this one makes up to all the hype that it has created, even before its launch. The writing style is easy, engrossing, detailed and engaging without actually dragging or going overboard with the murder and gore. 

Apart from a few typos and glitches, which it would obviously have since it’s an ARC, it has managed to make a thriller reader like me happy for this is miles ahead of its indian counterparts. I think Heena Rathore P. has made me wonder if I should wait on for the next part because I’m seriously not over this one!! An overall rating of 5 out of 5 for the sheer amount of detail, expression and unique storyline! 

Disclaimer : I received the e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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