TBF : The Book Files : Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh by N. S. Ravi; Notion Press. Courtesy : World’s DNA

Hello people!

Today up for TBF is Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh by N. S. Ravi, published by the Notion Press. 

When The three Khans of Bollywood, Chris, Amit and Akbar come face to face with each other in a courtroom, the whole world watches as the gloves come off and it’s every man for himself. The Khans who are used to having their own way are left clueless when a trouble pits them together and it’s a mutual feeling when they realise that they are mere puppets. What is this case all about? How does the famous Baba Ram Karim, half financier half Don, fit into all this?

I started off the book with a lot of enthusiasm because the writing style was easy and engaging. The story goes in great detail about each Khan and how their stars ensured their entry into the tinsel town. It doesn’t merely begin with the Khans themselves but from a generation before them to clarify their upbringing to the reader as well as help them understand the position of each one. 

Let’s start off with what I liked. As I mentioned above, the writing style was as plus. The details and background descriptives of the characters of the novel sometimes made me related them to the prominent figures from Bollywood itself and that made it even more interesting. The engagement of the suspense till the end was what made the read worthwhile. 

Now, shifting to the cons, the grammar still had glitches. Although I appreciated the details of the characters, sometimes it made the story drag too much. Another point to be noted was that the story bounces between the three khans after every little snippet of detail and I had to go back and forth to understand each story linearly. Maybe if it would have been divided into sections, one for each khan, it would have been way more enjoyable that jumping around the pages. The cover disappointed me too. For a tinsel town set story, it was a tad bit too plain and failed to relate the plot from the face of it.  

All in all, I think the author went into great detail about each character which is a commendable job in itself. The plot was good if not great and I would rate it at 3.5 stars out of 5. 

A special thanks to World’s DNA for sending me the book!

Until next time!



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