Valentine’s Special TBF : Lose Me by M. C. Frank 

Happy Valentine’s  Day folks!

Since today is a day that we celebrate love, what better way can a blogger do so except posting the review of her favourite love story? On TBF today, the book up for review is Lose Me by M. C. Frank. I was one of the few who had the privilege to receive an E-ARC of the book which will be out in April. 

When you are a stunt girl from a beautiful yet insignificant  (to others) island being strong and hard headed is the obvious way to go. Ariadne has been chosen as a stunt artist for an upcoming movie which is to be filmed in her comfy little Corfu, Greece. It’s a modern take on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the crew settles in while Ari gets used to being around a celebrity crowd. She bumps into Weston Spencer, the star of the movie in the most embarrassing manner: He saves her from drowning. His criptic remarks and star behaviour put Ari off but she feels a tug in her heart whenever he is around. The banter eventually simmers down to them coming closer but it’s Ari who decides to pull back. Why did Ari, who obviously was in love with Wes, decide to walk away? What secret is she hiding? Will Wes swallow his star pride and take a chance at fate?

I’ve read Ruined, No Ordinary Star and No Plain Rebel by M. C. Frank and I’ve loved her take on different characters and in completely different eras. When I started Lose Me, I fell in love with Corfu, which reminded me so much of Bahrain and Prague. I echoed Ari’s sentiments when she talked about it as her home and also at times, the way she handled things. Wes was a surprise. I knew he was supposed to be the modern Darcy but I couldn’t help screaming at him as he fumbled with his emotions throughout the book. 

It takes a lot of courage to go through something as devastating as Ari did but even more so to trust someone to stand by with you during that time period. I could understand her pushing him away and even the sheer lack of tact to do so. Wes, who had grown up in the industry has a hard time trusting anyone except Oliver, his best friend but unwittingly, lets his guard down in front of her. This tangle of emotions where on one hand you have someone in a life and death situation, on the other hand, you have people who are walking through those lines with you, I  cried, smiled, laughed, smirked, screamed and yelled and finished this one in one sitting. 

I haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars but someone mentioned on GoodReads that it’s on a similar line/theme as that. Now, I’m not going to read TFIOS because to me Lose Me is enough. It covers love a family holds to the attachment one has with a coach; from brotherly love to mother’s spurn; Fake friendships to reformed relationships; weakness to deny to strength to accept, this one has it all. To me, it’s a definite 5/5 book and I’ve declared this as my favourite read of 2017. In February. Period.

In a special mention, as I said earlier, I’ve read almost all of M. C. Frank’s works and from Ruined’s flowery language to NOS’s futuristic lingo, she has come a long way in terms of her writing style, experiments with different characters and settings but most importantly, the growth as a writer that I’ve witnessed first hand has left me awed. This to me, was a perfect Valentine’s Day read. If you want to sign up for the ARC review list, click here. It’s a bestseller already and I don’t think I need to say anything more than that,even before its out. 

Until next time!


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