Exclusive Interview : Amay Saxena, Author Of The Bestselling Thriller, The Death Story; Courtesy: www.Urbookmyreview.com 

Hi guys!

A couple of days ago, UrBookMyReview gave me a stunning opportunity to interview the author of the most talked about thriller in the Indian Literary Industry, The Death Story: Amay Saxena.

A young, confident man, Amay Saxena chose to write a thriller as his debut work instead of the soft option of love stories and relationships like many others which automatically sets him a class apart for dabbling in such a daunting genre in the first go. A shy, soft spoken and a part time teacher, here’s my first and exclusive interview with the most sought after author today!

Hi! Welcome to the Lit Lodge. First off, my heartfelt thank you for choosing this platform as your first official interview medium and secondly, heartiest congratulations on the release of your debut novel The Death Story.

1. Let’s start off by telling the world who Amay Saxena is. what he’s like, what he likes, his hobbies and everything that makes you, you!

Amay Saxena is someone who thinks life is all about finding your passion and simply following it until you achieve your dream. Whenever people ask me about my career, I answer them by saying—everyone is sent on this earth for some purpose all you need to do is find yours. My hobbies don’t really make me feel like a writer. I love to stay at home rather than roaming out. I’m a homebody. My secrets make me who I am.

2. The blurb is quite easily accessible but how would you define the crux of your novel in your own words?

The Death Story is about fighting against the deadliest nightmares in our lives. To defeat the problems, one needs to fight against it fearlessly and mostly importantly one should never lose faith in him/herself. The novel also conveys a point that one should never give up and should believe in god and in the power of love. Love is something that makes us feel strong during our bad times.  

3. The colourful young age brings about so many changes in future desires of careers and professions. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A teacher. I always wanted to become a teacher. I love to help others. Teaching is a great profession and teachers are the ones who shape our careers. Although, I’m not a qualified teacher but I still try to teach children who are yoinger than me. It is always a nice feeling.  

4. Usually a storywriter’s passion ignites when an incident fans the ember of an idea. When exactly did you say, ‘I’ve had enough. I want to write and become a writer’?

Well, there’s one such incident in my life because of which I am writer. I would like to share it with the world but it’s a sad one. The reason behind me being a writer is my friend, Shruti Nair. She and I were very close to each other but unfortunately, she passed away due to Tuberculosis in the lungs. That particular incident affected my life. After that incident, I suffered from chronice insomnia. My sleepless nights discovered the writer in me. I never wanted to become a writer but sometimes to liberate the pain; you have to take help of words. It acts as a drug.

5. Thriller is one of the most trending genres favoured by authors these days. Is there a particular reason you chose it?

Well, thriller is a fantabulous genre. Writing a thriller book needs a lot of thinking, research and most importantly you should know where your story is heading! I chose to write a thriller novel because I like challenges and for me it was a hard one!  

6. Will we see you dabble in other genres in the future or is Amay Saxena a name that would be synonymous with the thriller genre?

Well, yes. I love to write romance and as well as something inspiring too.

7. Do you ever think you will have a Hindi version of the book?

As a young writer, I hope so! It would help me to connect with more readers.  

8. Who are your favourite authors? Do you think it’s them or their writing style that influenced your own?

There many authors whom I love but my favourite is Chetan Bhagat. His book, Revolution 2020, was the first book I read. I don’t follow anyone’s writing style as such. I have my own, I guess. But novels by Sidney Sheldon has influenced me and made me love thriller novels. He is just prefect. That’s the right word for him, perfect.

9. In this horde of writers and authors, why do you think ‘Amay Saxena’ deserves his own place?

There are many authors and writers who are more experienced than me and have good stories to tell. It’s the stories that make you a better writer and stories are imagined or experienced or real incidents are mixed up with fiction. Amay Saxena deserves his own place because he thinks this is just a start and he has a lot more to offer as a writer! As I gain more experience, the level of my storytelling will automatically improve.  

10. I haven’t read your book yet. What should I look forward to?

If you like to read thrillers, go for it. If you don’t like, then too you should go for it, you may develop a new taste!

11. UrBookMyReview is quite a new initiative. Why did you choose this particular platform? What intrigued you the most?

Well, it’s a new platform but it’s a unique and fast growing platform. Quality and punctuality of their work is above par. They are friendly and hardworking.

12. Are there any ‘work in progress’ novels that we should know about or have you planned to devote your entire attention towards this particular project only?

For now, I am busy with my studies but, I am planning to start with something new this summer.

13. This is your debut work and for an Indian author, it is quite a struggle to get your story out and published. What are the few lessons that you learnt during this process?

Be patient until your time comes! If you want to get your work published, you need to handle rejections, stress and “the other person in you”. As a writer, you always have someone within you, with whom you talk while writing. That’s another personality in you which keeps on changing depending on your mood. A writer should never stop communicating with that inner personality and should never give up. Good things take time to come.   

14. Has this experience, the fame and the name, changed you or does it still come as a surprise when people walk up to you and tell you they absolutely loved your book?

It’s good to have an identity in the society. People do address me as an author; it feels nice when people respect me as a writer. But this experience has not changed me. I am the same shy and quiet Amay Saxena, as the people around me know.  

 15. Lastly, what would be your advice to the budding writers out there? What would be that one mantra you wished someone had shared with you?

Believe in yourself until you reach your destination. Explore, gain experience, work hard and make your life story a bestseller.

Social Media Links of Amay Saxena :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/authoramay

 website: www.authoramay.com

Here is a heartfelt thankyou to the team of Urbookmyreview.com and also to Mr. Amay Saxena for being kind enough to choose this platform for the first interview. I wish him all the very best for all the future endeavours! 

That’s all for today folks!

Until next time!



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