TBF : The Book Files : The Unpredictable Heart by Moksh, published by Partridge India.

Hi guys! 

It’s TBF time and on The Book Files today, the novel up for review is The Unpredictable Heart by Moksh, published by Partridge India.

The story follows an introvert called Mrinav, who is desperate to find love. He falls long and hard for women who as simply as speak politely to him and this leads to getting his heart broken not once or twice but thrice. Will he ever be able to find someone who reciprocates his feelings and finally become his soul mate? 

The blurb had me excited enough to read the story since its the story of an average guy, looking to find solace and love. However, quite a few things put me off. The writing had an almost impish, immature feel to it. No, not the character. If it would have been the/a character, I would have appreciated it instead of putting it under the list of turn offs but it’s the writing that wasn’t upto par. The constant, insistent use of ‘hinglish’ and that too incorrect (Hai was written as ‘h’ almost everywhere) made it difficult to overlook and enjoy the story. Grammatical glitches were in abundance and the editing or the lack of it, made me think of it as a draft or and ARC instead of a published book. There were full stops after the quotes and quite a few words used as adjectives or descriptivs were wrongly used and made no sense at all. Had they focused more on the tailoring of the story and steering away from Chetan Bhagat’s very famous ‘Indianized writing style’ the book had a plot strong enough to be a 5 star novel. 

Infact, the saving grace of the novel was the plot and it’s baffled, confused, lost protagonist to whom quite a few socially awkward individuals can relate to. My overall rating for this one is 2.5/5 stars which are entirely credited to the plot and to the fact that this is a debit novel. It could have been tailored better had the writing style not marred the plot.

Until next time! 


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