TBF : The Book Files : The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena from Half Baked Beans Publications 

Hello people!

Hope you guys are doing well! Here’s my book review for The Book Files today : The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena from Half Baked Beans Publications 

When I received The Soul Charmer Letter in my Kkbookbox, I was smitten by the beautifully poetic explanation of what it’s all about. That letter impressed me so much that I put it up on my love board, awaiting the Ebook impatiently. I finally downloaded it a couple of days ago and finished the whole book in under an hour!

This is Richa Saxena’s debut work and it is safe to say that it is good enough to put her in the line of seasoned poets. This anthology is made up of 32 poems that range from mother’s love to a broken heart to a father’s eternal love. 

A poem is a lyrical expression of a person’s soul which often quietly tells us so much that other ordinary words fail to do so and I’m more than happy to say that she must be a stunningly warm person full of loving and humble emotions because everyone of her peoms leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. Her transition of shift in emotion from anger to love to betrayal to heartbreak to mother’s unconditional love and a daughter’s soft corner for her father amazed me. 

Every poem had its own spirit, it’s own volume, it’s own tempo and it’s own impact and to do so in just a few lines is a feat that should be appreciated, recognized and endorsed. I’m listing down below a few lines from a few poems that absolutely blew me away:

  •  A heart on fire, a smile on her face A soul ablaze, Unshackling the chains, breaking free She is the girl; A little in you A little in me. – She Is The Girl
  • I wish you had the courage to tell me; It’s alright to be ‘me’ I wish you could teach me to say ‘no’, To be a little free. I wish you could treasure me forever;  The way you did, years back.  I wish you could shield me; But. …how I wish! – The Caged Bird
  • Indeed, The marks of acid were visible, But what remained hidden, Was a blemished soul, An unheard howl; She was robbed of her innocence, Agonized; A social outcast, A soul traumatized; She gathered the courage, Once again. – Do You Love Me, Still?
  • And no. …. You did not wait for me to hug you  To hold you one more time, You were brave, But, tell me- Was it not my name, That you whispered one last time? I stand in the balcony and stare up in the sky To catch a glimpse Of a star shining bright, I have come a long way since then Walking alone on a bumpy road Smiling through my pain, but someday if a star gleams too bright; I would know , You are proud of me  Up there, And I shall wave at you With all my might… love you……..papa. – Daddy’s Little Princess

Overall rating : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 . 5

I think not everyone has the technique and ability to dabble in various themes and emotions all in one go and for a debut, I would say that the world should watch out for Rucha Saxena has finally arrived!

That’s all for today!



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