TBF : The Book Files : From The Closet Of The Heart by Soniya Kapoor from Artson Publishing House 

Hi guys!

I’m back with another book review for The Book Files and the book in focus today is ‘From The Closet Of The Heart’ by Soniya Kapoor from Artson Publishing House. 

Have you ever written a letter, never meant to be sent? Filed away little notes and snippets from your heart that are tucked away into a corner, not to be unearthed again for a long, long time? When you have so much to say and the only way to do so is through pen and paper? Well, this one has them all. When I first flicked through the book, I was reminded of a short story called ‘A Helpless Situation‘ by Mark Twain, where he receives a letter from a stranger and he’s at a loss of words to reply. 

From a letter to one’s future husband to a heart tugging snippet to a mother, this stunning compilation consists of every loving thought imaginable.

With various writers coming together to put up a book, one would think that some would be better than the others. However, the amount of love, emotion, sentiments and warmth put in by each and everyone of the writers, each story leaves you with happy tears and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

When I complimented the founder of APH and the compiler of the book, Soniya Kapoor, I was told that this was a dream project which was very close to her heart and it was a double achievement to not only create a book like this but also have it so appreciated and loved by the readers everywhere.

I think it’s quite difficult to use my usual rating criteria for this one since its a compilation and different authors use different writing styles but it’s safe to say that it’s written beautifully and in an easy understandable manner which makes it a great read for a newbie as well as a seasoned bibliophile. 

All in all, rating it a perfect 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars, I would strongly recommend you to pick this one up. Kudos to APH and Soniya Kapoor for a beautiful read! Looking forward to more such sequels!

Until next time!



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