Book of the Month : Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – Discussion Questions

Hi guys!

So the official book reading of Me Before You started yesterday and I wanted everyone to have the discussion questions with them as soon as possible because a lot of us have the habit of creating tags or jotting down the pages of the scenes that stand out or support our arguments. I will be sending them via emails too but it also makes sense to put them on the blog since its also a medium of hosting as well as the go to page if you are unable to access your email accounts! The questions below are core themed and other detailed tags or question suggestions are welcome if in case you think it deserves to be discussed on. Drop me your tags or suggestions on the email ID or in the comments below and I will add them to the final discussion page which will be sent out a couple of days before the actual meeting!

  1. How did you initially respond to the theme of the book? (Euthanasia/Mercy Killing)
  2. What would you have done if you were in Louise Clark’s place?
  3. Do you think Will made the right decision? What would you have done if (God Forbid) you were in his place?
  4. Mrs. Traynor exhibited a very cold and aloof nature throughout the book. Was it only because of Will’s condition and the impending decision or did her relationship with her husband also a play a vital role?
  5. Mr. Traynor comes across as an unfit father figure. Do you hold any sympathy towards him or is he too selfish to be sympathised with?
  6. Katrina  (Treena) Clark was an imposing and a daunting character. Do you think she was in anyway responsible for Louisa’s low self esteem?
  7. Louisa’s parents constantly put her at butt of all jokes whereas she was the only responsible one. Why do you think Treena always had the advantage over Lou?
  8. In what light do you view the Clarks as parents? 
  9. Do you think Treena going away to college and letting her parents and Lou work for her course fees makes her a bad person? Was she only doing what she saw fit for Thomas’s future? Or were the reasons purely for her own benefit?
  10. The character of Louisa shows great personal development as the book progresses. Is only Will to be credited for it or other factors are also engaged?
  11. The sibling rivalry is pretty evident in the Clark and Traynor side. Do you think a. It’s normal b. One is dominant and other submissive c. The tension of the situations make it worse?
  12. Patrick is a jock who only wanted Lou waiting in the wings for him while he went out and fulfilled his dreams.Do you agree?
  13. Georgina Traynor, Will’s younger sister didn’t want to be bothered stuck and caring for a grumpy man because she had better, fun things to do. Agree or Disagree?
  14. Which character in the book, apart from Lou and Will, stood out for you the most? (Negative or positive, their character and it’s depth lingered on and made you think even after you had finished the book.)
  15. Picking up such a sensitive topic, do you think Moyes was able to change your previous view about Mercy Killing?
  16. Which particular scene (except the ending) stood out for you?
  17. This was  a potential contender in the banned books category. Do you think books with such topics should really be banned or should be highlighted and promoted to make people aware of the sufferer’s point of view?
  18. Would you read such a book again?
  19. Would you read such a book again were in it a non fiction genre minus the love story? 
  20. If it all comes down to perspective, then everyone is right and everyone is wrong. In the context of the theme of the book, do you agree?
  21. How did you find Jojo Moyes’s writing style? 
  22. The sequel, Me After You, is out. Would you want to read that or was the end of Me Before You the best possible closure to the story?
  23. Has this book/genre widened you reading scope? 

    Have fun and Happy Reading!

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