Saturday Stories : 🎁Bookboxes and Edward Cullen

Hi guys!😁🙋

Wow! It’s been so long since my last post that it’s almost embarrassing. Long story short, I hit my head and injured myself quite a bit from a bad fall and I gave been doing nothing but lazing around and stalking #Bookstagrammers !😆😆

Now, it’s Saturday Stories time and I pretty much am going to use this space to vent out my😠 anger and💔 heartache about a few things. 😢

I got hooked on 📷Instagram almost two week ago and since then everything has been about books and all things bookish. Now, as an avid reader, it is but obvious that I love hoarding them and am always on the lookout for inexpensive book hauls because no singular term purchases are made when it comes to books. 😁I found earlier this year, an Indian online bookstore for loved books. Needless to say, every month since then has been Christmas since the books are amazingly low priced and in a great condition. I was a happy bird UNTIL I found out about bookbox subscriptions. Now this is where my heart really broke. In India, where we have subscription boxes for makeup, clothes, jewellery, snacks and even tea, there are no bookbox subscriptions at all. I mean, none what so ever. 😲😭😭

Ofcourse all the bookboxes like Owlcrate, TheNerdyBox, TheBookishBox and others, do ship globally but add to the cost the shipping rates, custom duty and other taxes, the overall box ends up costing way more than its core price. I tried ordering one just to see where I would end up financially and the resulting amount honestly, flabbergasted me. £34 pounds for the box and international shipping, WITHOUT the customs duty and other taxes. Roughly translate that to the Indian currency and a box can potentially set back an individual by INR 4000. Yes. You read that right. INR 4000. I don’t know about you but for someone like me, that is waaayyyy overpriced. 

Come to think of it, why doesn’t India have it’s own Bookbox subscription? A nation where more more than 50% of the population is demographically counted as Youth, why are we so far behind on this front? It may sound like an overreaction or exaggeration, but honestly, it’s a pain that will be understood and reciprocated by bibliophiles everywhere. 

I do hope that in the coming time, we can come up with a bookbox that isn’t so financially hurtful! 

Also, I don’t know if that has ever happened with anyone, but I always find that whenever I read anything from a new author, the first book is way better than the others. Call it coincidence but I started reading Moon by James Herbert earlier this month after I was impressed and blown away by his storytelling in ’48. Unfortunately, this one didn’t seem up to par and I had to pause it to read other books. Believe it or not, I also found The Host by Stephanie Meyer, a better, complex and intriguing story than Twilight. Maybe I’m a little biased because I absolutely adore Ian and his love for Wanda, which doesn’t change despite her appearence. In comparison, I found Edward Cullen too self pathetic and what he did to Bella in New Moon was to be honest, atrocious and cruel. Trying to protect her by letting her find new ways to kill herself? Well done, Edward, you complete nitwit! And Bella! God! I can’t really tell you how many times in the novel I had to scream at her for being such a droll. You put your whole life on stake because a guy you didn’t know 6 months ago left you? Wow. Great role model, you. 

Well, I apologise for being all over the place in this post but I reread Twilight while I was stuck in bed and I just realised that my matured self didn’t like Bella much. Anyhoo, I think I have blabbered enough and I should save my energy for doing other unimportant things like living and eating  (LOL)!

See you guys tomorrow! 

Toodles! ! 💞💞


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  1. Anonymous Book Lover says:

    Get well soon.
    We are always in wait for your amazing posts & poems.


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