Saturday Stories : From My 👵Grandma’s Bookshelf📘

Hello everyone!👋

It seems like the monsoon🌁🌂☔ is here to stay and I am not complaining one bit! I went home after quite a while and it was utter bliss spending some time with my Grandma👵. I told her for the first time that I had started blogging and writing and read her the hindi poems I had written; she was ecstatic as expected and also gave me a few ideas on what to write on next. It’s her birthday next week so I went book hunting with my brother in Model Town, Jalandhar to find a good one. An avid reader herself, she is the strongest and the most learned person I have ever come across. From the God particle to mythology, religion to social issues, she’s a storehouse of information! 

Our conversations are an endless banter from Mahabharat to the Hadron Collider! Therefore, I thought, what better than sharing a few Hindi books/novels great for gifting your elderly enthusiasts? Below are the top 6 books that I have gifted my Grandma here and again which she has absolutely loved:

1. Yogi Kathaamrit  (The Autobiography of a Yogi) by Yogi Parmahans : This is the most recent one I gifted her and it came as a strong recommendation from my father (Also a booklover) who had read it’s English version and was quite impressed by it. After a lot of book hunting online, I found it accidentally in Reader’s Paradise, a small bookstore in Model Town, Jalandhar. We kept it out on the pretext that it was for my father but being a booklover that she is, couldn’t resist skimming through the pages and was hooked. We later told her it was her gift and I am sure, in a day or so, I will be able to garner a full review on every little aspect of the book!

2. Roald Dahl ki lokpriya kahaniyan : Dahl is a loved author by booklovers of all age groups. His entertaining writing style as well as kooky twists and turns make for a light read and is ideal for a senior booklover looking for a fun and floaty book ride!

3. Meri Ikyavan Kavitaayein by Atal Bihari Vajpayee : From the most remembered and celebrated Prime Ministers of India, this is a gem of a book and a delight to read. His satire and thought provoking lines and poems engross the reader and force the mind to pay attention to the neglected and forgotten aspects of the society. This one comes as a strong recommendation from my Grandma herself!

4. Pinjar by Amrita Pritam : Set during the Indo-Pak partition in 1947, it’s the story of Lajjo, an Indian Sikh girl who a few days before her wedding is kidnapped by a Muslim and taken over to the Pakistani Punjab. The hardships that she faces and her journey from resistance to eventual acception of her future, forms the crux, highlighting the atrocities and damages suffered by the people from both sides during the war.

5. Godaan by Munshi Premchand : Who can forget the literary grandmaster of Hindi literature and his masterpieces? Godaan relates the plight of our suffering Indian farmers and what a cow means to them. My Grandma is a soft soul and I still remember the exhaustion on her face as she treaded through the book since it was a difficult read and for someone who can whiz through books in a matter of days, took her a week to complete. 

6. Satyajit Rey ki kahaniyan : From the famous Bengali film maker and icon of his time, his collection of short stories are full of social satire, humour and wit! I brought this one hesitantly since I had never read anything by him myself but I was glad when my Grandma liked it!

My Grandma is an amazing👸 woman. Where she feels the depth of a character’s emotions in a novel she equally reciprocates the exuberance of comics and magazines. I love to get her monthly sets of Hindi magazines like Sarita, Nandan, Balhans etc. But those are for another time and another episode of Saturday Stories!

Till then, happy reading and share the joy with everyone around you!💞



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