Musical Musings 🎼🎶🎵: When I Learnt To Let Go

With a broken heart💔, as my eyes fought to keep dry😔,

My mind wandered off to what is and what was.

My throat choked, my heart bled, agony overcame me,

Struggling and gasping, the soul looked for a cause.

Wasn’t this what the poems sang of and glorified? 

Tears of helplessness flowing profusely, unsupressed.

The mind, numb,💭 replaying the memories like a record,

The whole fibre of the body, shaken, lost, distressed.

Then why, oh, am I on the verge of shattering?

Every ounce of my being, a mirror held precariously.

Like a little caress, a soft touch would make it rain glass,

Jagged edges cutting everything in the vicinity furiously.

As the moment subsided, the mind became a blank canvas💬,

The heartbeat steadied, fingers grasped for support.

The tears dried up leaving streaks of kohl behind,

And I became a picture of pity: a ragged distort.

Whether I would brave it all or succumb to heartache?

As my mind and heart, waged a war to decide a course,

A spark lit,💡 igniting a fire in my soul like never before,

Strengthing, hardening, resolving, efussing a force🔥.

I remembered the advise my Father once gave me,

“People who break hearts, don’t deserve a place in it.

Know that the right man would pick up the pieces, heal,

And the baffling puzzle would fall to a perfect fit.

Know that if he hurts you, and still isn’t perturbed,

Pains your heart intentionally and isn’t sympathetic,

Is rude, crude, malicious, manipulative, insecure,

Know that his love is a facade, ugly and cosmetic.

Remember my words, the one will surely come,

Instead of making your heart go into a crazy frenzy,

Fill the void and make you feel safe and secure,

With a love to your heart and soul alike, immensely.”

The mirror in the image no longer looked haggard.

The heart and hand steadied, the shooting pain mellowed.

And I forgave AND forgot, letting go of the hurt,

As the substance of my Father’s words, my soul echoed.

-Shelly Bajwa


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous Book Lover says:

    It’s a really amazing poem which touches my corners of heart.
    But when it comes to real feelings I was looking for its Hindi version.
    Then I realized that only the writer can translate with actual feelings.
    I would be really thankful if you can please translate it for me.


    1. shellybajwa says:

      Thankyou! I will try my best but since my hindi is nt exactly apt for translation I can only hope that it translates the feelings you find in the English version.


      1. Anonymous Book Lover says:

        Feeling is more important than words. I would be really thankful if you will release a Hindi version.


      2. shellybajwa says:

        I will surely get to it and post one as soon as I can! Thankyou so much for staying tuned!


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