Tuesday 🚅Train of Thoughts : A Century💯 Benchmark and 🎀Surprise Prize!🎀

Hello everyone!😀

I am back again with another segment of Tuesday Train of Thoughts. Today’s blog is a special one,because, A. I crossed a 100 visitors on my blog and more than a 150 views (Yayy!🎉) and B. I just received a surprise gift from Bookchor for participating in their recent Blog Giveaway.(Wheeheee!🎊🎉🎊😍)

Now this Giveaway was only for bloggers/vloggers to write a out their experience with Bookchor, the winner of which would receive a brand new copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, hence my over the top excitement for participating in the same. I started my blog with a haul from their website, the link of which I left to enter in the contest. The contest ended and since I knew I had tough competition, someone else wins it : TheBookVamp. She is a Booktuber and her reviews are full of depth, fun and information. (Please make sure to check her channel out!)

A few days ago, I received a message from their logistics company with a message that a 🎁package from Bookchor was on its way. Baffled, I first checked if I had accidentally checked out my always full cart and found out that no new orders had been placed. Thanking the heavens, I messaged them on Instagram relaying the situation and asking for help if it in case it was a scam message. Here is the screenshot of the answer I received :

I was so taken aback by the gesture that I really couldn’t stop squealing in delight! And today after patiently waiting for 3 days, 3 FULL days, I received 🎀The Gift🎀. No. I am not making it up. I seriously received🎀🎁 THE GIFT BY CECELIA AHERN!🎀🎁 (WHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT!😱😱😱😱!!!) Such a PUNNY present! #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

Can you believe it? 🙈I know I can’t! And that handwritten note! I love it when they send little personalised notes with their orders because it’s such a special touch! (Too many emojis and too many exclamation marks in this post, I know, bear 🐻with me!😅)

I have always been on the lookout for a place to get cheap second hand books because I am an out of control spendthrift when it comes to books. I can compromise on food, clothes and all other vitals needed to survive (LOL😅😅😅) But all my self control and will power go poof♨ in a bookstore. My introduction to Bookchor, was a mere accident. With so many book portals, I initially dismissed them completely, thinking of them as another bookstore with “reduced” prices. After a few posts and following them on Instagram, I placed my order with a LOT of hesitation. I was happy about the COD feature because it ensured that incase, just incase, the order didn’t get delivered, my money would be safe. Imagine my surprise when the order came in 3 days, with the books in impeccable condition and a personalised note. I have been in love💘ever since and have ordered over 7 times from them in the last 6 months. (I know, ⚠Book Hoarder Alert⚠) I have been asking everyone around me to give them a shot and I have not once regretted it!

I am ecstatic, delighted and on cloud ☁9 to get such a beautiful gift from them. As a certified bibliophile and a dedicated customer of their book emporium, I assure you that you won’t find books at a better rate from anywhere else. 💯

Thankyou again Bookchor for the honour of a gift. Keep on hustling and making booklovers happy everyday!


⚠Disclaimer : This is a simple heartfelt blog post about a very sweet gesture. The gift was received as a participation prize and is no way shape or form sponsored or paid for by any company. Spread and feel the love guys! That’s all that this is!⚠


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