Random Rambles : An Ode To My Siblings 👫👭👪👫

Hi everyone!

Since I missed out on last Friday’s blog post, I thought of posting a random one in lieu of the same.

I have always been the strongest 💪in my family, owing to the fact that I was the eldest, responsible for looking after the little ones at school. Living in a joint family, I didn’t really understand the term “Cousins” because I never went beyond the term sister/brother. Also being the eldest, I have had my share of being feared. It was I who would be tasked with teaching them a subject they didn’t understand, stand up for them and beat up people who hurt them, listen to their complaints from their teachers and relay them back home, protect their silly secrets, scold them when required and advise them as per my best judgement. As we grew older, the bond grew stronger; the people, closer. 💝

With my wedding 👰and my brother and sister off to their destined educational paths,✈ it has often scared me to think of us drifting away, eventually learning to live without each other. Then suddenly, I struck gold🌟. Old videos 🎥of us all goofing about, fighting and yanking each other’s food and ketchup, screaming for the next turn on the auto-car, walking hand in hand on the streets of Bahrain😍 as our parents trailed behind, engaged in their own little bubble💭; I succumbed to the emotions and broke down, reliving every little moment over and over again, yearning and struggling to go back to that time.😦😭😭

Overcome with nostalgia 😢and love💓, I penned down all my emotions in a simple poem:

An ode to my Siblings: 

As we leave for our destined paths

Ages it will be, before we meet again.

I will hold our memorabilia close and dear

To keep me grounded, surrounded and sane.

And if my friend, other friends arrive,

Charming, persuasive and keen.

Remember me, as I wait in the shadows,

Looking out for you, hidden and unseen.

And if you find people finer than me,

I shall rejoice on your good fate.

Remember me, as I groom and learn,

Making myself better for us as I wait.

Dear, if you find people similar in taste,

My good wishes on finding kindred souls

Remember me, as I strive to relate,

And as an elder, play a better role.

And if my friend, you ever feel lonely,

Lost, bewildered, vulnerable, ignored.

Remember me, as a guardian angel,

Standing beside you, in the suffocating hoard.

And if my friend , I leave for the stars,

Taking an abode with the spirits above.

Remember me, as an imprint on your heart,

Engulfing you with ardour and love.

-Shelly Bajwa 


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