Train of Thoughts: As Death I Speak: A poem by yours truly!

Hello everyone! 

​I often think that we value trivial things way too much in our lives, overlooking and ignoring the real deal: life itself! We spend our lives so seriously that we end up living a closed, protected riskless life, full of remorse and regrets as we shed the young skin. I couldn’t help but pen down my turmoil of thoughts and it goes something like this:

As Death I Speak:

As Death I speak, who are we and what do we know? 

Come on! Think Human! Give it a go!

Of dark places, hidden caverns and cliffs,

Washed away worlds and global tiffs.

You laugh and think you know it all,

Condescending in a never ending thrall.

Reduced to a pile of ash when it all ends,

That’s when your life really transcends.

Your quibbles and quarrels and pointless banter,

Complicated relationships, the false enchanter.

I speak as Death, pray, look at your lives,

Balancing delicately on the tips of knives. 

After eons of wait, you were formed, Human!

After ages sent to where you belong, Human!

And this is how you repay your eternal debt?

Crouching in the shadows, oblivious and inept?

Like a pigeon, closed eyes, to the carnage around.

I gave you a conscience which is never found.

I gave you a voice, to be raised and break prison.

I gave you strength to cut away your occhiolism.

And yet when I meet you, you show me your regrets;

A little longer to stay, through pleads and frets.

I speak as Death, woe is me, as I look at your plight.

Open your arms and let me show you the light.

I didn’t give you this life to be tucked away in a chest

Or reflect on your deeds in the end with detest.

I want you to risk it, Human, enjoy what’s bestowed;  

Stop running for what’s not, ENOUGH with the hoard.

Meet me, greet me, with a smile and a laugh!

Poking fun at your follies as we guwaff!

And tell me what I gave you was worth it all,

Rested, at peace as you answer the final knoll.

Share with me as we walk as compatriots, your story,

Assure me you lived your life with utmost glory.

Be a friend, a lifeline, a confidante to another soul,

And let me revel in the knowledge that I achieved my Goal.

It’s karma, as simple as that, it is what you already know,

The rule is simple,  you will reap what you will sow.

Again, answer me, Who are we and what do we know?

Think, think hard Human! And give life a go!

-Shelly Bajwa 


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