As a certified bibliophile, it’s needless to mention that I have a tendancy of hoarding books. AND now that I have mentioned it, I thought kickstarting my blogging journey with a book haul would be the best way to do so! 

Books galore!

Let me start by clarifying that this post is in no way shape or form sponsored by Bookchor or a paid ad article. This is just a book lover’s extension of appreciation to the site and its team.

As I mentioned above, I hauled these books from Its an online bookstore with its own android app which specialises in used (read:loved) books. In short, its THE book paradise. 

These are the books I ordered:

  1. The Quest by Wilbur Smith
  2. Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice
  3. The vampire armand by Anne Rice
  4. Confessions of an ugly step sister by Gregory Maguire
  5. Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  6. The jewel that was ours by Colin Dexter 
  7. Service of all the dead by Colin Dexter
  8. The book of murder by Guillermo Martinez
  9. The Jansen Option by Robert Ludlum (Free : on the deal of buy books over Rs. 250 and get a book free)

The books I ordered are in no exact pattern or preference but more a mixture of books I have wanted from quite sometime and books that sounded interesting and were at an off. The total for the books plus COD of Rs. 65 (other payment options are free of charge) was Rs. 677/- which means that at an average the cost of one book is Rs. 75.2/- and that is with the COD charges added in the total. 

Beginning with the selection of books:

  • I have always loved The Wizard of Oz (1939) and it was the touchstone of my childhood. I had every line, every song memorised and when I was old enough, I read the book by Frank L. Baum, cementing my love for the classic. I came across Gregory Maguire and his interpretation of the same, creating a background story to the characters we love (and hate). Finally, I found the copy of Wicked at a steal and had to buy it. I also bought The Confessions of an Ugly Step sister out of intrigue as it is the story of Cinderella’s other sisters who didn’t exactly fare well after Cinderella found her happily-ever-after. (I will post a review on both soon.)
  • After the Twilight Saga came out, the vampire frenzy has been exactly that: crazy! Everyone loves a great vampire story but all those that I have come across are basically just love stories! As someone who’s cult favourite is Bram Stroker’s Dracula and it’s many movie adaptations, also not forgetting the Dusk to Dawn film series, my vampires are gory, crazy, die in sunlight and not exactly a romantic type. However, I did find Twilight interesting, but one can only have just so much of a twinkling fangling. On researching, I found out that I had missed a classic milestone in the genre by Anne Rice. Fortunately, I found it on the site and bought all the ones I could find!
  • Wilbur Smith is not exactly an author I easily pick up. His stories are often long and winding and I end up losing interest after a while. However, I love anything to do with Egyptology ( I once wanted to be an archeologist after I saw The Mummy Series). Even though I didn’t exactly get to follow my little dream, Egyptian civilization has always been an enigma for me, driving me to read books about its history and Pharaohs, hence, I never miss out on any Egypt oriented plot. I will post my views on the same as soon as I finish it.
  • Like Wilbur Smith, Colin Dexter is another author I am hesitant to pick up. I find other writers’ novels more thrilling. It’s a personal preference I guess. Anyhow, I am looking forward to these books because the brief sounds very exciting and I will try my best to read them with no prior bias of any sort. 
  • To be honest, I have never read anything by Guillermo Martinez and thus, I have no expectations from the book. I didn’t look up for any reviews online because this is my first book by the author and I want to give it a clean perspective. More on the book when I post my first reaction.
  • I have always admired Robert Ludlum for his excellent background stories and strong characters and I am quite eager to read this one as well. Since I have read his other novels apart from the Bourne Series, I know that his story telling will as always be par excellence! 

I have been ordering books from for quite some time now and they never disappoint. The quality of books, service and customer satisfaction level is unparallel to any other online bookstore. It’s pocket friendly which is a huge benefit to budding readers who don’t want a hefty financial setback. All in all, I think it is a great option for anyone willing to read and my heartiest congratulations to the team who are doing such an exceptional job!

P. S. : I am planning to make Bookchor Book Catches or BBC a bi-monthly segment even if they are smaller hauls since the price factor is such a life saver! 

Until next time!



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